All Pets Hospital

7038 State Road 54
New Port Richey, FL 34653


Meet Our Staff


Amanda Murphy, Practice Manager


Ever since I was a small girl all I ever wanted to do was work with animals. I stuck to that dream and started working in a kennel when I was 17 years old. Over the years I have worked or volunteered in a few different animal hospitals, shelters, and worked in emergency clinics. I graduated from St. Petersburg College in May 2001 with a B.S. in Veterinary Technology. I started working at All Pets in February 2000 as a technician and was promoted to practice manager in October 2007. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. I affectionately refer to all our employees as "My Girls" even though some are close to my age or even older.

I keep myself busy when I am not working with my family. I have a daughter named Ally. My daughter Kaitlyn and I both enjoy the martial art of Hapkido and received our black belts in June 2015. I married my amazing husband Paul in November of 2015 and we were blessed with our baby girl Makenzie in July of 2016. We are a very active family and love spending our time out and about swimming, playing basketball at the park, or working out. 

Our home is a very lively place filled with 3 dogs: Emmy, Sami, and Sadie. We also have two bearded dragons named Dre and Alfred. Our dogs are spoiled and don't believe they should have to sleep on the carpeted ground at night when there is a bed. It is a race to see who can get into the bed first, the humans or the dogs.

Sandi Davis, Head Receptionist

I have been working at All Pets since high school. I used to gloat that I was the youngest employee, but now that has been turned back on me. I initially fell into this line of work by chance but came to enjoy working with the clients and their furry family members so much that I wouldn't change a thing.

One side effect of working at an animal hospital is that you tend to collect pets as you go. My household boasts our Yellow Lab named Koda and 2 cats: Yahuli and Charlie. My husband and I also have 2 other little monsters, our son Brenden and daughter Baylee.


Kelley Scherer, Receptionist

I became Mrs. Kelley Scherer on October 23, 2015 when I married my best friend, Cole. Our furry family consist of  Roxy our Boxer mix and Kramer, a grumpy mutt.

I have been a part of the All Pets Family since February 2002. I enjoy greeting our clients and talking baby talk to the dogs when they come in. It drives my co-workers crazy.  I LOVE Pickles, he is my sidekick at the front desk. 

In my down time I love to sing anything from christian music to rock and roll, but my favorite is country. My co-workers come to watch my band whenever they can to see if I am really that good. I am. Cole and I love the water so whenever we are not working we go out on the boat with friends to enjoy the gulf, get a tan, and maybe catch a few fish. Before I do any of this I go to a fitness boot camp at 6 a.m. every single day. It has brought amazing changes to my life but most of all it shocked my co-workers that I could even get up that early.

Melanie Velasquez, Technician

I have been with All Pets Hospital since May 2005. I came into this field hoping to help all the animals stay well. I have done everything from working the front desk to assisting in surgery. Working my way from assistant to veterinary technician. I am known to my co-workers as the "cat wrangler" and "cat whisperer".  ( Melanie knows our clients well. There is not a client or pet's name she will forget. She loves her job and it shows.)

Every day my co-workers wonder what kind of snacks I will come back with after lunch. I enjoy skittles and try to get others to snack too even though they get mad because they are on diets. 

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my husband, Edgar and our 3 kids, Lindsay, Lucas, and Alexis. We also have 3 lazy cats, ChinChin, Bella, and Batman. I enjoy taking long walks with my 2 dogs, Jackson and Minnie. Sadly my beloved Buddy (pictured) recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

April Bogue, Technician

My journey started 26 years ago at a pet shop, from there I went to work at a kennel where I found the veterinary field very interesting. With my mother nagging me to go back to school, I then decided to attend the veterinary technology program at SPC, graduating with a degree in Veterinary Technology in 1999. Just before graduating I met my husband. Within three years we had two beautiful boys. I decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to Tennessee. Eight years later I started getting home sick and knew it was time to move back to Florida. 

I was adopted by All Pets Hospital when I moved back to Florida in August 2013. A few months ago I was introduced to yoga by my co-worker Brittany and have been enjoying it. It helps me find my "inner peace". I joined a martial arts class with my boys and am loving it. In my spare time I enjoy crafting projects. I especially enjoy making them for family and friends as gifts. I also enjoy my monthly date night with my husband of 15 years. I have accumulated many pets during my career and am currently owned by a four legged, 7 pound vacuum cleaner, named Nellie. And a Chihuahua named Sheldon. 

Chrissy Warth, Assistant

I started with All Pets Hospital in November 2015. It all started when Amanda was duped into believing I was normal and sweet. My saving grace is that I am great at being the comic relief and I have a natural ability to read a dog's mind. My sincere compassion for our client's pets is never ending. You can find me curled up with a sleepy or sick patient.

My job here inspired my second career as a singer/songwriter. While I am working with a pet I sing my original hit, "who's a good girl/boy, who's a good girl/boy". My co-workers laugh at me but they agree it works and calms the pets during their visit. 

One of my many positive traits is that it is hard to find a dog that I will say no to. Which is why I currently have 4 large dogs. Their names are legendary: Maxwell Stan Lee Charles, Odin Alexander Barlow, Beretta Smith & Wesson, and Louise Shadow Gertrude. Along with my 4 canine friends I live with my Fiance, James. He has a beard so in some ways he reminds me of an animal. And it turns out I like cats too. In 2016 I added a feline friend to my family named Taco Burrito Sanchez III. But don't worry he fits right in because he doesn't realize he is a cat. 

Camille Lancia, Assistant


I am a full-time student at St. Petersburg College of Veterinary Technology, and the newest member at All Pets Hospital. I got my start behind the scenes as a volunteer in July of 2016. Since then I have officially joined the team and could not be happier to have done so! Between homework and loving on and comforting your darling pets, there is not much else that I find time to do.  But I would not have it any other way.  Learning is my passion and I look forward to it each day!

While "Dogtor" Toby and Spazaroni have my heart at the office, I have four furry loved ones waiting at home, five if you include my amazing boyfriend, Zach. We have Halo and Stella, our Labrador Mix and Husky Mix, and our two extremely spoiled kitties, Jack and MJ.  I am often jokingly called the "crazy cat lady" by my friends, but do not be fooled, because it is not a joke.  I love to hold and comfort all of your fuzzy children, but I have been known to be smitten with the kitties (of all ages)!


Hi, I am Spaz, affectionately known as "Spazaroni" to my faithful staff. I am the "kitty supervisor in charge" of the in house laboratory and pharmacy. I can often be found napping on the job. When I am awake, I like to smack my helpers with my "peg leg" (which occurred from an old injury when I was just a kitten). When I am not supervising my servants, I like to sleep on warm freshly laundered towels, drink from the faucet (faithfully turned on and off by my servants) and glare at intruders.